Bulk Web SMS at its very best ...

Supertext provides a very robust, rugged, and reliable platform for sending bulk sms on the Web. We are constantly doing research in our software development laboratory to come up with ever more efficient algorithms and new exciting features.

Donation Exchange Platform Web Development

Online donation exchange is all the rage now, inspired by mmm.

We can help you develop your own mmm clone, donation exchange platform with your own rules and features - from scratch to your taste.

Features include:

-- Intelligent matching algorithms
-- Instant matching
-- Manual matching
-- Automatic matching
-- Records of transaction
-- Mobile friendly - can PH on phones/tablets
-- Integrated SMS alerts(if required)
-- Etc.

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Features @ A Glance

  • Custom Sender ID
Our platform allows you to use your name or organisation's name as the sender (instead of a phone number) to all networks for branding purposes.
  • Removal of Repeated Numbers
Repeated numbers are automatically removed from your list of recipients to save you credits.
  • Lifetime Validity
Your SMS credits do not expire.
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