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Bulk Web SMS at its very best ...

Supertext provides a very robust, rugged, and reliable platform for sending bulk sms on the Web. We are constantly doing research in our software development laboratory to come up with ever more efficient algorithms and new exciting features.


Check out some of the features of our platform, several of which are unique to this platform. We are constantly working to add even more exciting features.
Once you've registered on the site, you have access to our robust API which you can creatively use to start your own sms services or integrate into your desktop and web applications.
Instant Delivery
We don't queue up your messages, we forward them immediately to their destinations.
Invalid Number Removal
Messages are not sent to invalid numbers, invalid numbers mistakenly typed are automatically removed and no credit is deducted. You can test this with your free units.
Mass Mailer
An integrated mass mailer is one of the value added features of our platform. With it you can blast emails to your list with a single click. We use a premium service for this, which ensures that your emails go straight to inbox.
Address Books
Address books let you organize your contacts into various groups so you can conveniently send them sms without having to type phone numbers over and over again.
Message Scheduling
You can schedule your message for future delivery; enter your message and set any future date and time for delivery. Among other uses, this can also be used for programming daily inspiration messages to your target recipients and scheduled birthday/anniversary greetings. You can cancel your scheduled message at any time.
Recurrent Events
The Recurrent Events feature lets you schedule messages to be sent at regular intervals with a single click, this is useful for setting sms reminders for events that occur periodically e.g. daily/weekly/monthly meetings etc.
Credit Sharing
You can transfer some of your sms credits to another registered user if you so wish e.g. your niece in college.
Scriptures Sender
This feature lets you select any Bible book/chapter/verse from a menu to send without actually typing the content.
CDMA Coverage
In addition to all the GSM networks you can also use our platform to send sms to phone numbers in CDMA networks like Starcomms and Visafone.
International Coverage
You can use our platform to send sms to your folks abroad at a cheaper rate, we cover about 600 networks in over 200 countries.
Credit History
View details of how you received and spent sms units.
Comprehensive Logs
View comprehensive sms logs.
Alert Subscription
As a registered user, you can choose to subscribe to receive sms alerts on current news and on several interesting subjects.
Message Concatenation and Text Counter
You can type and send more than one page of text at a time, and there is a visual text counter that displays the number of characters/pages typed.
Those are some of the features of our sms platform, you'll find more when you log in to the user area - and more are in the pipeline.

Features @ A Glance

  • Custom Sender ID
Our platform allows you to use your name or organisation's name as the sender (instead of a phone number) to all networks for branding purposes.
  • Removal of Repeated Numbers
Repeated numbers are automatically removed from your list of recipients to save you credits.
  • Lifetime Validity
Your SMS credits do not expire.
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