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Supertext provides a very robust, rugged, and reliable platform for sending bulk sms on the Web. We are constantly doing research in our software development laboratory to come up with ever more efficient algorithms and new exciting features.

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Nigeria's best bulksms platform.
Bulksms Nigeria web sms website cheap bulk smsWith bulk SMS you can broadcast your message to multiple recepients at once. Web bulk SMS is usually quite cheaper than phone to phone sms and is increasingly being used by companies for marketing purposes.

In addition to being cost effective, web bulk sms has many other unique benefits; you can brand your messages with custom sender ID's, messages can be scheduled for delivery at a future date. Other uses of bulk sms include bank transaction alerts, wedding invitations, event notification, season greetings, election campaigns, etc.

Mass Mailer
Web sms Nigeria An integrated mass mailer is one of the value added features of our platform. With it you can blast emails to your list with a single click.
Getting Started
send bulk sms Nigeria Supertext is very easy to use, we offer convenient and user-friendly interfaces, but if you need help getting started, here are some tutorials.
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Features @ A Glance

  • Custom Sender ID
Our platform allows you to use your name or organisation's name as the sender (instead of a phone number) to all networks for branding purposes.
  • Removal of Repeated Numbers
Repeated numbers are automatically removed from your list of recipients to save you credits.
  • Lifetime Validity
Your SMS credits do not expire.
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